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From Jennie's Desk

Welcome to the world of adoption and most importantly, the world of raising children.

Ironically, my 3 children are not adopted. Adoption touched my life through 3 beautiful nieces from China. I had purchased a baby book as a “coming home” gift not realizing that much of the book did not apply, as well as omitted many important elements of the journey to their new family.

As a graphic designer, I became inspired. Surely a flexible, broad, upbeat and beautiful book could be created to record the adoption experience!

Knowing how busy mothers are, I envisioned an album that I would love and use myself. It would need to prompt me to write (sleepy moms don’t always think clearly). This album shouldn’t be intimidating (such as “only for those with gorgeous handwriting”).

I wouldn’t want to feel like I was completing a PhD discertation. I would just want a convenient format to collect a rich variety of memories, pictures, and input from family and friends.

I have seen one thing firsthand: all kids love stories about themselves. They don’t care if you create award winning pages. They want to know what Grandma’s first impression was, how their hair looked when they came home, when they first smiled, and the faces they made when trying new foods.

The great challenge is to commit these thoughts to paper. That is why I took my 12 years of graphic design experience and made this album just for adopted kids—so their folks will grab the book everyday and add a sentence or two, put a birthday photo here, a funny story there.

And eight years later, I still love hearing how much parents love their album and how grateful they are for the “perfect” book for their “perfect child”. I hope the I Am Chosen lifebook captures a slice of life that you will treasure for years to come. God bless your growing family!

Jennie Lodien

Please email comments about the book or favorite stories that you would like to share. I’d love to hear from you.