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Adoption Lifebook
The original lifebook suitable for both domestic and foreign adoptions. This album easily guides you through creating a cherished collection of memories.

Tell the world your good news with these colorful announcements. Each design includes room for a photo, birthdate and adoption date.

Free Gift
Download a free copy of "Helping Your Child Become a Good Reader".
"Your books are fantastic (I tell all my "adoption" friends about them)."
Michelle K.

"Want you to know I keep my notebook in the kitchen. I often grab it to write a funny comment or collect photos and momentos to paste in later. It makes all the difference having a place to collect the memories and an easy format for writing them. Love your books!"
Anne G.

"At this stage of my son's life, your lifebook helps him express, in a really good way, all those seemingly incongruous pieces of the jigsaw that make up who he is."
Mary B.

"I cried when I saw how perfectly suited your book was for our adoption." Thanks for everything."
Jessica T.
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